19 september 2017. Go home? Research as intervention in heated political debate

Arr: Göteborgs universitet

Go home? Research as intervention in heated political debate. Conversation with special guest Hannah Jones (University of Warwick).

Tuesday 19th of September at 6-8 PM


In July 2013, the UK Home Office launched a series of high-profile efforts aimed at directing public attention to an increasing ‘hard line’ from the government in controlling ‘illegal immigration’. One element of this was an advertising campaign calling on migrants with insecure legal status to ‘go home’. Troubled by a well-known racist slogan being used in official government communications, a group of researchers and activists came together to understand what the ongoing trend in government communication designed to demonstrate toughness on immigration means: for policy, public debate, pro-migrant and anti-racist activism, and everyday lives of ‘ordinary people’.

Sociologist Hannah Jones (University of Warwick) is one of eight scholars in the research team. In a conversation with sociologist Helena Holgersson (University of Gothenburg) Hannah will explain how the project came to be, what the results are, and what the impact of their findings might be. They will also discuss the role of critical thinking and collaborative working in our time of ‘post-truth’ and ‘refugee crisis’, and the challenges that come with interventions like Mapping Immigration Controversy.

You can watch this short film to learn more about the project

In spring 2017 the project resulted in a co-authored book Go home? The politics of immigration controversies  – also available as a free pdf.


Warmly welcome!